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Abbott looking to roll back 457 visa scrutiny

At a time when alarming allegations have been raised on the exploitation of the 457 skilled migratory visa scheme, The Age August 13, 2014 – Dodgy visas could cost Australian jobs.  The Abbott Government looks set to wind back scrutiny by abolishing recent Labor Government reforms to the system under the guise of “red tape”.

The AMIEU has worked tirelessly to retain the integrity of the 457 visa program. It developed the meat industry labour agreement that compels employers to pay a minimum salary level and gives 457 visa workers a route to permanent residency.

Reducing the scrutiny around this system would be like giving some meat company employers the key to the Holy Grail. With unemployment at 10 year record highs you have to ask yourself why the Abbott Government is pushing for these reforms.

For Labors changes to the 457 system introduced in 2013 go to

Read the detailed submission to the Government Review of the 457 visa program to get an understanding of what Unions are doing and what Unions expect of the Government in addressing the rorts in the system – ACTU  Submission 30 April 2014

Follow the links to check out some other recent articles on the exploitation of visas – NT’s Ichthys project: move to relax 457 visas ‘an attack on young unemployed’ The Guardian, 11 August 2014.
Aussie workers left in the cold by appalling lack of 457 scrutiny: Unions call for Senate Inquiry CFMEU, 13th August.

If you have concerns over the increasing lack of scrutiny in the 457 visa program, or if you are having trouble finding work in your local region and feel you’re not being given a fair go by employers looking for workers, we want to hear from you.  Submit a question or comment via the Contact Us  page of this website.

Also why not raise your concerns with your local MP via the Government website:  The only way workers can stop the rorting in the Visa program and stop the exploitation of foreign workers is to speak out.  Please add your voice to the campaign on this important issue.