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Brismeat Enterprise Agreement negotiations to commence 18th July

Members from the Woolworths Brismeat plant are happy to hear that the company has finally set a date for Enterprise Agreement (EBA) negotiations to commence. Friday July 18th has been locked in as the starting date.

The existing Brismeat agreement past its nominal expiry date on the 18th of May. Understandably members have been anxious for the negotiations to get underway as it has been 14 months since their last pay increase.

The Union has made requests since March this year for the Company to commence negotiations. The Company has informed the Union that the engagement of a new managment team is the reason for the delay in starting negotiations. A new HR team and a new Plant Manager Ross Bussian, are now managing the site.

Mr Bussian spoke with the employees in May and assured them that any pay rise will be back dated to the expiry of the existing agreement.

By all reports it looks like the company is doing extremely well. The workers and the Union are hopeful that this will be reflected by the company recognising its workers for their efforts at these negotiations.

The Union will keep members posted.